A Spiritual Journey Through Lent

In addition to our traditional offerings on Sunday mornings, the Music Ministry at Westminster is hosting a community outreach concert series called Westminster Presents to showcase the substantial gifts of our own musicians and provide a space for guest musicians.

Our hope is that the audience on Fridays will include a host of familiar Westminster faces and also provide an opportunity for those outside our congregation a chance to enjoy our hospitality, beautiful sanctuary, and, of course, the music we create.

Upcoming Concert:
A Spiritual Journey Through Lent

Spirituals are powerful, beautiful music of sorrow and of hope. They enrich the life of the singer as well as the listener….this is music that speaks to the human condition.Dr. Eileen Guenther

Friday, March 15 @ 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 17 @ 11:00 AM
In the Westminster Sanctuary

The Westminster Choir collaborates with Dr. Eileen Guenther, Professor of Church Music at Wesley Theological Seminary, as we examine the history of the American Spiritual. Dr. Guenther is the author of “In Their Own Words: Slave Life and the Power of Spirituals.”

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