Hymn Festival

Sunday, October 27

6:15 PM in the Sanctuary

Hymn festivals are products of our reformed tradition: occasions of prayer and community where the central activity is singing. Our hymn festival occurs on Reformation Sunday and will feature choirs of children’s voices, adult voices, strings, bells, and, most importantly, the congregation!

A hymn festival is a special event focused on the music of the church, with intentional creativity and variety. It is usually about one hour long and consists of congregational hymns, most often linked by readings, narrations, or prayers, typically organized around a central theme, idea, or occasion. The amount of singing at a hymn festival is usually greater than at worship and spoken elements may be different in character or broader in range.

For lovers of music, a hymn festival can be not only deeply moving but also great fun! Make sure to mark your calendars and invite family and friends.