Christian Formation 2023-2024

Two years ago, after pandemic exile, we set out to rekindle our faith formation. Last year, we embarked upon the journey home, even though we knew that home would be much different than when we left. Time, careers, our faith, our community has been changed, and because of this, the Spirit calls us to do a new thing. The time has come for us to be “Trailblazers.” We will honor those that blazed their trails before us, while dedicating ourselves to follow Jesus down new paths and discovering fresh experiences of faith blazing the trail together.

Though we are now done with Sunday morning Adult Christian Formation classes until next fall, most sessions from 2023-2024 were recorded and are available to watch on YouTube by clicking below.

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Fall Classes

September 17: "Presbyterians, Faith, and Race: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?"

September 24: "The Life and Witness of Harriet Tubman" with Ranger Chaney Dale

October 1-29: "How Jesus Became Christ" with Dr. John Barclay Burns

November 5: "Hope in Times of Crisis" with Rev. Scott Planting

November 12-26: "Jewish Prayer, and How It Differs from the Protestant Ethos of Prayer" with Rabbi Jack Moline

December 3-10: "The Scottish-Presbyterian Migration" with Ellen Hamilton

Spring Classes

January 7 - February 4, 18: "Trailblazing Women in the Hebrew Bible" with Rev. Dr. Alice Bellis

February 11: "James Baldwin" with Dr. Josiah Young

February 25: "Maine Seacoast Mission" with Rev. Scott Planting

March 3-17: "The Book of Job and Working Through Trauma" with Dr. Paul Cho

April 7: "Aging with Grace and Grit: What Does That Look Like?" with Christine Hershey

April 21-28: "The Difference Between a Mistake and a Sin" with Rev. Dr. Emily Peck

May 5: "Toward a Theology of Mission: Who Are We in Christ and What Are We Called to Do?" with Rev. Patrick Hunnicutt

May 12-19: "Three Trailblazing Pastors for Racial Justice: Two Degrees of Separation from Westminster" with Melynda Wilcox