Stewardship is the expression of our congregation's values and priorities, coupled with our commitment to joining God's action in the world. God calls us to be responsible stewards of our time, talents and financial resources, all of which are critical to the worship, education, mission and fellowship at our church. We ask every church member to make a financial commitment to the work of Westminster – a pledge – that is a disciplined portion of your income, with a goal of tithing at 10%. Your pledges enable Westminster to efficiently and responsibly plan and budget for the church’s needs, both current and future, and continue as a welcoming, nurturing and spiritual church home.

2024 Stewardship Campaign

Our hearts are filled with anticipation and excitement as we stand on the precipice of a thrilling journey in 2024: a Capital Campaign to invest in the future of Westminster Presbyterian Church. While we look forward to this endeavor with great enthusiasm, we must also be purposeful in supporting the day-to-day operations and mission programs of our church. The annual Stewardship Campaign carries even more significance this year, as we hope to meet the needs of today and build a strong foundation for what lies ahead. 

Pledge Goal: $2.32 Million

After analyzing our budget requests for 2024, the Session is asking for a 5% increase in the church’s budget to support minimal increases in staff costs and enhanced mission opportunities for our church. If you are already pledging, increasing your pledge contribution by 5% will help us sustain our ongoing ministries, ensuring we're well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come before us. For those who can stretch further, a 10% increase will empower us to dream bigger and accomplish more with our local, national, and international mission partners. 

If you are not currently pledging or are a new member, now is the time to consider doing so. Pledging reflects a deep commitment to the values and mission of the church, strengthening the faith community and allowing it to thrive. Giving to our church is a way to express gratitude to God and contribute to the well-being of the congregation and the broader community.

Make Your Pledge for 2024

To keep our church focused on the larger goal of the 2024 Capital Campaign, we are hoping for an abbreviated, yet meaningful, Stewardship Campaign. To enable the church’s budget planning processes, we ask that you make your pledge at your earliest convenience, but preferably by November 19, 2023.

You can make a pledge by clicking on the button below, by returning the pledge card you received in the mail, or by contacting Director of Finance & Administration Lavinia Davis-Laux. Your pledge is confidential.

Make Your Pledge
Fulfill Your Pledge with Online Giving

We encourage you to consider using online giving to fulfill your pledge. Westminster is currently transitioning to a new online giving payment provider for 2024; instructions for setting up automatic payments in the new system will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!

Planned Giving with the Westminster Foundation

The stewardship campaign is intended to raise enough pledges to fund our annual operating budget. Through our Planned Giving Program, the Westminster Foundation is intended to complement the operating budget by providing the church with funding to meet additional long-term needs.

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Contact the Stewardship Committee

We encourage you to contact the Stewardship Committee, led by elders Vince Crisler and Steve Cloud, if you have any questions!

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