2018-19 Stewardship Survery

Westminster members and affiliates are invited to take our 2018-19 Stewardship survey. Discussing your financial support of the church is never completely easy, but it is critical for our collective success and we want to do it well. In particular, the stewardship team wants to ensure we are reaching out to you in the most effective way, both for your comfort and for the campaign’s effectiveness.

We we do not ask for any specific financial information in this survey, and your responses will be anonymous unless you choose to participate in a possible follow-up conversation. Even in this case, we will be sharing results only in aggregate and not attributing any information directly to you in any form. Our focus is on patterns of participation and motivations of that participation.

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please consider participating and helping the committee do its best work by clicking on the button below.

2018-19 Stewardship Survey

What Is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the expression of our congregation’s values and priorities, coupled with our commitment to joining God’s action in the world. God calls us to be responsible stewards of our time, talents and financial resources, all of which are critical to the worship, education, mission and fellowship at Westminster. During our annual stewardship campaign, we call upon the members of the Westminster congregation to pledge a portion of their financial resources so that we may efficiently and responsibly plan and budget for the church’s needs, both current and future.

These pledges enable Westminster to continue as the welcoming, nurturing and spiritual church home that it has become by

  • Attracting a talented and dedicated staff that is committed to the special needs of our congregation’s children, young adults, singles, families and seniors.
  • Supporting Westminster’s numerous mission projects that make such a positive impact on our local community, our nation and around the globe.
  • Providing for the delivery of beautiful music programs during worship and other special services.
  • Contributing to the invaluable Christian education programs and wonderful facilities that are used by the congregation and local community.

We encourage you to contact the Stewardship Committee, led by Benjamin Kennedy, at [email protected] or to contact Pastor Larry Hayward if you have any questions.

The stewardship campaign is intended to raise enough pledges to fund our annual operating budget. Through our Planned Giving Program, the Westminster Foundation is intended to complement the operating budget by providing the church with funding to meet additional long-term needs.

2018 Stewardship Campaign

Westminster’s Stewardship committee has worked hard to think about the different ways that our church impacts our lives through worship, fellowship, music, missions, and education, among other things. As we considered the role of Westminster in this past year—a rather turbulent year in Alexandria and across the country for many of us—we noted how important Westminster has become as a place where many of us turn for spiritual guidance, clear thinking, community, and respite. To reflect this, our Stewardship theme for this year is “Lighting the Path, Together.” We think this theme reflects the role that Westminster plays in our lives, for us and our families.

This fall, we are asking each church member to prayerfully consider an increase to their annual pledge of 4.6 percent. The bulk of this increase goes to fund normal cost of living increases for clergy and staff at Westminster. Notably, it also helps fund our first full year of having four full-time clergy, something we as a church have been working on for two years now. Beyond this, a significant portion of the budget increase is also directed towards our mission work, especially our support of the United Orphanage & Academy in Moi’s Bridge, Kenya. The increase also covers increases in our budget in more mundane (but essential) areas such as postage and building maintenance.

You can make a pledge by clicking on the button below. Your pledge is confidential.

2018 Pledge Form