The session is the governing body of Westminster and is comprised of elders nominated and elected by the congregation from our membership. The adult elders serve three year terms and the two youth elders normally serve two year terms. The Pastor is Moderator of the Session, which elects a Clerk and two Vice Clerks of Session annually. Westminster's session normally meets on the fourth Wednesday evening of the month.

Elders have responsibility for the governance and ministry of Westminster, being charged to work to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation. Elders serve on the Committees of the Session, each of which is focused on a different area in the life of Westminster. Contact the session committees at the email addresses below, or contact the clerks at [email protected].

Members of Westminster can access each month's agenda, reports, and committee meeting minutes at the Session Packets Page.

2021 Session

Larry Hayward, Pastor (Moderator)
Patrick Hunnicutt, Associate Pastor | Jacob Bolton, Associate Pastor | Whitney Fauntleroy, Associate Pastor (on medical leave)
Doug Anderson, Clerk of Session | Mary Filicetti, Vice Clerk | Kristin Stone, Vice Clerk
Margaret Myers, Treasurer

Administration & Finance
David Wilcox, Chair
Debbie Wells, Vice Chair (non-Session member)
[email protected]

Building & Grounds
Ted Pusey, Chair
Kerri Stevens, Vice Chair
[email protected]

Christian Formation
Steve Denne, Chair
Maura Cramer, Vice-Chair (Children)
Dustina Bittner; Robin Muthig (Youth); Casey Jackson (Youth Elder);
Paul Neureiter (non-Session member) (Adult)
[email protected]

Congregational Life
Cindy Smith, Chair
Anne Tomlinson, Vice Chair
Meg Lantz, Vice Chair
[email protected]

Digital Ministries
Vince Crisler, Chair
Alex Bryant, Vice Chair
August Taylor (Youth Elder)
[email protected]

HOME (Helping Our Members Engage)
Judy Grey, Chair
[email protected]

International Mission
David Henry, Chair
[email protected]

Local Mission
Stephanie VanVliet, Chair
Bill Taylor, Vice Chair
[email protected]

National Mission
Kristen Bishop, Chair
[email protected]

New Member
Jenny Graves, Chair
Kay Sidahmed, Vice Chair
[email protected]

Tim Shaw, Chair
Sue Aland, Vice Chair (non-Session member)
[email protected]

Pat Prosperi, Chair
Jim Muyskens, Vice Chair
[email protected]

Return and Renewal
Mike Donley, Chair
[email protected]

Brian Jones, Chair
Bob Wood, Vice Chair
[email protected]

Worship and Music
Lauren Beyea, Chair
Susie Helm, Vice Chair
[email protected]