Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles are small groups of women who meet monthly for Bible study, mission outreach, and the chance to foster friendships within the church.

This year’s Bible study, “Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament,” will help us learn how to engage in the practice of lament as a way of leading us to hope, to bring our prayers of lament to God for guidance and assurance that one day there will be no need for lament. Lament is conversation with God, petitions to God, a way of speaking the truth in response to the suffering and sorrow of the world, and it is an acknowledgement that God is the One who can redeem us which gives us hope when hope is sorely needed.

All women are welcome to join one of our small group discussions for our study of lament. You are invited to try out more than one circle if you wish to find the one which is the best fit for you. Listed below are the circles and their meeting times. Most circles are meeting via Zoom for now, but some may meet outdoors. Please contact a circle if you are interested in joining, or contact Nancy Hall Berens to learn more.

Elizabeth Circle

Second Tuesdays, 10:00 AM in Johnson Parlor
Contact chairs Bobbie Whittier and Alison Griffin at [email protected]

Elizabeth Circle has been meeting for many years and continues to inspire and reflect. Second Tuesday mornings find us in the Johnson Parlor taking turns leading the Bible study, praying together and sharing a sandwich for lunch. We enjoy planning and participating in local and national PW activities. In addition to supporting Angel Tree recipients at Christmas, we annually present a check to a church family in need. We are blessed by great attendance and wonderful fellowship, highlighted by a special Christmas lunch at WPC and lunch “out” in June, usually at Goodwin House Alexandria.

Hannah Circle

Third Tuesdays, 7:30 PM in Johnson Parlor
Contact chair Elizabeth Martineau at [email protected]

Hannah Circle helped serve and clean up the Lenten dinners in February and hosted Lemonade on the Lawn twice in July. We dined at Pines of Florence in June. Our service projects included donating our mission collection to Friends of Guest House and making sandwiches for the Bag Lunch Program in November. We purchased Christmas gifts of bicycles, clothing, and toys for two children through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. We also had a “Yankee gift exchange” of previously read books at our December meeting.

Lydia Circle

Second Mondays, 9:00 AM in Johnson Parlor
Contact chair Melynda Wilcox at [email protected]

Lydia Circle, our newest circle, started in the spring of 2018. This new circle is designed to offer another circle option for women who have flexibility during the weekday. The timing of Lydia Circle fits well with preschool or elementary school hours, but women of any age are welcome. Our members appreciate the enrichment of having Bible study together and the support of a group of new friends.

Mary Circle

Second Mondays, 7:30 PM in members’ homes
Contact chair Adrienne Griffin at [email protected]

We welcome participation from women interested in joining our “book club”-style circle meetings on a flexible basis. Additionally this year, we have fostered a collective interest in community service, volunteering at Carpenter’s Shelter among other efforts. Mary Circle, which started out as an evening circle for mothers of young children some years ago, now has an expanded membership of women in their 20s to 40s, some with and some without children. This diverse group of women have been a welcome addition to the original circle membership, and we hope to build on that momentum.

Rachel Circle

Second Tuesdays, 7:00 PM in Johnson Parlor
Contact chair Janet Harris at [email protected]

A diverse group of ladies of all ages, Rachel Circle is composed of some ladies who have been members of this circle for decades, whereas new members continue to join us. We support one another, as well as the mission programs of PW, and we socialize twice a year by dining out together. We enjoy being together and sharing our thoughts about life and our philosophies, while learning more about the Bible through our lessons each month.

Ruth Circle

Second Wednesdays, 10:00 AM in Johnson Parlor
Contact chairs Sheila Weiss and Terry Wilson at [email protected]

If you desire in-depth Bible study from volunteer leaders within our membership, visit Ruth Circle in Johnson Parlor on second Wednesday mornings. Everyone has input in timely discussions, prayer joys/concerns. We always leave rejoicing in God’s presence and feeling we are truly sisters in Christ! During 2016 we experienced the joy of giving to Spirit Lake Reservation, Moi’s Bridge Academy, Presbyterian Home of the Highlands, 2 Angel Tree children and a family in need from our Sunshine/Mission offerings.

Sarah Circle

Second Tuesdays, 7:30 PM in Haverkamp Room
Contact chairs Anne Gross and Donna Stenlund at [email protected]

Sarah Circle members share joys and concerns at each meeting which helps us build stronger personal connections and give support to our sisters. The Sarah Circle “Sunshine” fund is used to purchase Angel Tree gifts and to support local organizations and charities. We have a Christmas gathering at a member’s home, and in June we enjoy an end-of-the-year Pot Luck. Sarah Circle is a multi-generational circle and holds our meetings at the church.