Reading the Old Testament

Every year, Pastor Larry Hayward leads an in-depth course focused on reading the Bible, alternating between the Old and New Testaments. In the class, you will read the entire Testament, learning the basic content of the book and exploring the text in detail. Together with the class, you’ll reflect on how those texts and the Bible as a whole impact our faith and life. Learn what it means to say the Bible has “authority,” is “inspired,” is the “word of God,” and is the “unique and authoritative witness to Christ.”

Reading and Learning the Old Testament, 2018-2019

September 9, 2018 – April 14, 2019
Sundays, 4-6 PM in Haverkamp Room
Please note: the class will not meet from November 25, 2018 – January 20, 2019 

Who May Attend?

Members, friends, and visitors of Westminster Presbyterian Church, and the general public
People of any faith tradition
People who have taken previous courses led by Larry Hayward
People who have never taken a Biblical class before

What Will the Classes Be Like?

Presentation on overall themes by Larry Hayward and “whole group” questions and discussions
Reflection in small groups on issues of faith and life arising from the weekly texts

What Commitment Will I Make?

Attendance at weekly sessions as regularly as possible
Two hours per week of reading the texts prior to the sessions (about three chapters a day)
Participation in discussions as able and willing, with an openness to differing interpretations presented in class and in discussions with others

What Materials Do I Need?

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2003).  ISBN-13: 978-0-687-27832-9
Each person in the class needs their own Bible, and Bibles need to be brought to class

How Much Does It Cost?

$20 for the course. Payment can be made prior to the course or on the first day of class. Pay with cash, check made payable to WPC, or online at (noted “Other”: Old Testament).

How Can I Learn More?

Attend an informational meeting about the course (not required) on Sunday, July 15 at 9:15 AM in Haverkamp Room. 

Call or email Larry Hayward with questions:
[email protected]
(703) 549-4766 ext. 100


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