In the Beginning

Summer Sermon Series 2017
June 11 – August 13
This summer, Dr. Larry R. Hayward will preach a sermon series on the Genesis selections of the Lectionary. The sermons will focus on the characters of this first book of the Bible—Hagar, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah—and in particular, single incidents in those characters’ lives that are deeply revealing.


June 11
The Two Directions of Creation
Genesis 1:26–31

June 25
Considering Hagar
Genesis 21:8–21

July 9
Isaac and Rebekah
Genesis 24:58–67

July 16
Jacob and Esau
Genesis 25:19–34

July 23
A Ladder Set Upon the Earth
Genesis 28:10–19a

July 30
Rachel and Leah
Genesis 29:15–28

August 13
The Pit and the Rope
Genesis 37:12¬28