Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our members, Westminster Presbyterian Church maintained its strong financial position in 2021. Our budget paid for our four pastors and staff, a robust mission program, upkeep on our buildings and grounds, program activities feasible in a pandemic environment, and other expenses. In addition, we used a substantial portion of the 2020 surplus to provide one-time, urgently needed COVID-related relief to multiple Alexandria community organizations. Pledge fulfillment was very good in 2021; we received payment on 99% of pledges -- not as strong as the prior two years but at the high end of historical norms.

As of February 1, the budget for 2022 anticipates total spending in the operating budget of $2,360,077. This level of spending will allow us to fully fund the baseline spending requests that were submitted by the committees of the church. In addition, we will again provide supplemental COVID relief through the mission committees.

2021 Annual Report