Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our members, Westminster Presbyterian Church maintained its strong financial position in 2020—an especially remarkable outcome given the serious financial hardship experienced by so many in our community. The church ran a surplus of $215,000 during 2020. The surplus resulted partly from strong income—reflecting the remarkable commitment of our members to fulfilling their pledges despite the economic turmoil around them, and partly from another year of very strong plate offerings. The surplus also resulted from a substantial underrun of spending relative to budget, a consequence of the need—in light of the pandemic—to cancel many of the programs and activities that had been planned as of the beginning of the year. 

The budget for 2021 that was approved by the Session on February 3, 2021 will put the 2020 surplus to work in 2021, especially for a number of non-recurring items. Importantly, we “surged” our Mission-related spending by about $80,000 this year, with a particular focus on providing COVID-related relief to those most in need.

2020 Annual Report