Towards Fuller Faith and Service

This year’s adult formation theme, Towards Fuller Faith and Service, is meant to guide us toward praising and serving God more fully and serving our neighbors and neighborhoods. We’ll host a wide variety of professionals whose stories speak to fuller faith and service.

Take the opportunity to identify and examine your own cultural and individual biases that so often limit the Gospel. Come recognize new possibilities for your faith and find links to your own life from events across Christian history. Explore openly and freely questions about the meaning of your life, your work, and your service in the world. These classes will help us to incarnate Christ’s presence as we go about our lives. Our teachers will provide you with learning for transformation and offer familiarity with the Christian faith that might lead us to further incarnate hospitality in a hostile world.

Come discover, question and transform at the adult education programs this fall at Westminster. All classes are from 9:45-10:45 AM in Haverkamp Room unless otherwise noted.

Recordings of our Towards Fuller Faith and Service series will available on the WPC adult ed podcast! Click below to listen or listen to classes from last year’s series, Navigating the Seas of Change.

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Where Does Westminster Fit Within Christianity Today?

Kick-Off with Dr. Larry Hayward
September 10

Given the changes in culture, and how such changes have impacted Christianity, what does all this tell us about our ministry here at Westminster? How might we move toward fuller faith and service to God in just such a context? Time to dialogue together.

From Loss to Progress: Mental Illness Towards Health

Doris A. Fuller
Chief of Research & Public Affairs, Treatment Advocacy Center
September 17

Doris’ story is remarkable. Following the loss of her daughter to mental illness, she has become an international advocate for those dealing with chronic mental illness. Learn from who deals with brain diseases about making a difference for someone, somewhere and somehow.

Treatment Advocacy Center Crisis Guidelines

Faith & Service through the Eyes & Voice of a Missionary

Nancy Collins
PC(USA) Missionary in Malawi & Zambia
September 24

Nancy Collins works alongside Christian leaders in Kenya & Rwanda in addition to Malawi & Zambia. She will share with us how she came to her work in Africa, what it is she does, and how Westminster’s contributions fit into the overall mission in Africa.

Principles for Shared Life

Rev. Dr. Francis Wade

Dr. Wade advocates living life in company and will talk about marriage and the work it takes to be in a loving relationship. These three Sunday classes will take a look at what happens in marriage; on being different; and focus on family life lessons.

Losing a Loved One: How Faith & Service Might Merge

Dr. Amy Dyer
Virginia Theological Seminary
October 1, 8, & 15

Dr. Dyer is the James Maxwell Professor of Christian Education & Pastoral Theology. She lost her spouse suddenly and will offer insights from her journey of loss. What experiences might you go through adjusting to life without the person they loved? What are some physical, emotional and spiritual ways to help yourself and others to heal from painful loss?

Resource Recommendations from Dr. Dyer

Serving Those with Substance Addictions

Dr. Sally Satel
American Enterprise Institute
October 22

Dr. Satel is an AEI resident scholar, a psychiatrist and a lecturer whose research areas include domestic drug policy, psychological impact of war & disasters, political trends in medicine and transplant policy. Her outstanding speaking style conveys the essential facts and stories of those caught in the web of addiction.

Fuller Faith & Service in Action: WPC & the United Orphanage & Academy

October 29

Hear a panel of voices presenting our shared work and ministry providing shelter and opportunity to vulnerable children in Moi’s Bridge, Kenya. Rev. Patrick Hunnicutt and others will talk about their recent trip and specifics of how we can further support our Kenyan brothers and sisters and to grow in faith through our work with them.

The Enduring Legacy

Dr. Bruce Douglass
Director, Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington and Associate Professor, Georgetown University
November 5, 12, 19, & 26

As we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Dr. Bruce Douglass returns to look at those 16th Century reformations. What is its enduring legacy? How does it impact us and the world we live in today?

Presbyterian C.I.

Betsy Preston
Elder & life-long Presbyterian
November 12, 19, & 26

Not Criminal Investigation – Church Investigation! Or Presbyterian 101 (if you read Roman numerals!) Investigate the “101” of Presbyterianism through exploration of what it means to be Presbyterian. What’s our history, heritage, and polity? What do we offer Christianity? What do we, as Presbyterians, believe?
Week 1 – Heritage, History and Beliefs
Week 2 – Government and Polity
Week 3 – Creeds and Community


Living in the Priesthood of All Believers: Eager Expectations in Faith & Service

Dr. Tony Tambasco
December 3 & 10

Dr. Tony Tambasco taught theology at Georgetown University for 35 years, specializing in biblical studies and ethics. A longtime and favorite lecturer at Westminster, he’ll help us discover what the priesthood of all believers can mean for us.

Spiritual Portraits

Cynthia Farrel-Johnson
Artist, Elder at Georgetown Presbyterian
December 17

With a passion for portraits and faith, Cynthia will talk about series of portraits she created and why it’s important to her. Her faith formation and her art has continued her journey toward fuller faith and service.