Towards Fuller Faith and Service

This year’s adult formation theme, Towards Fuller Faith and Service, is meant to guide us toward praising and serving God more fully and serving our neighbors and neighborhoods. We’ll host a wide variety of professionals whose stories speak to fuller faith and service.

Take the opportunity to identify and examine your own cultural and individual biases that so often limit the Gospel. Come recognize new possibilities for your faith and find links to your own life from events across Christian history. Explore openly and freely questions about the meaning of your life, your work, and your service in the world. These classes will help us to incarnate Christ’s presence as we go about our lives. Our teachers will provide you with learning for transformation and offer familiarity with the Christian faith that might lead us to further incarnate hospitality in a hostile world.

Come discover, question and transform at the adult education programs this fall at Westminster. All classes are from 9:45-10:45 AM in Haverkamp Room unless otherwise noted.

Recordings of our Towards Fuller Faith and Service series will available on the WPC adult ed podcast! Click below to listen or listen to classes from last year’s series, Navigating the Seas of Change.

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Special Events

Congregational Book Read

“The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul” by Dr. Jay Lombard

Join the congregation to read or listen (it’s a 5-hour audio book!) to this inspiring, insightful and provocative book. Through an exploration of our brains, Dr. Lombard leads you through his discovery of the nature of faith, belief, and hope—and, ultimately, calls us to examine the evidence that points to purpose beyond our biological world.

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Lenten Series: Living Towards the End of Life

Wednesdays, February 21, 28 & March 7, 14
7 PM in the Chapel

Rev. Dan Duggan, Director of Chaplaincy at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, continues his exploration on living freely throughout our lives. We will reflect upon the difference between a ministry of servanthood and a ministry of mutuality; the different ways men and women cope with loss; the spiritual life of the individual and the community through the eyes of elders; and explore the use of biblical journaling to deepen and examine our own beliefs and spiritual journey.

Sunday Mornings

The Book of Romans

David Roden, WPC Elder
January 7-21, 2018 in Haverkamp Room

Explore why Paul’s letter to the Romans became the key motivation for the reformation. Why do some modern theologians believe the reformers misread Paul? What did Paul say and what was Paul doing in this important letter? Discover how you might interpret Romans differently.

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A Depiction of the Decades: A Three-Sunday Series

Living Towards the End of Life

Rev. Dan Duggan, Director of Chaplaincy, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads
January 14 in Westminster Room

Let’s look differently at the many issues we face as we pass through the decades. How might we live more deeply by looking at the research on different stages of aging? What’s a ministry of mutuality? How best do we befriend one another? Rev. Duggan returns to WPC Wednesday evenings during Lent starting February 21. He’ll delve deeper into this theme.

The Intersection of Health Crises and Spiritual Crises

Rev. Skip Jordan, Capital Caring Hospice Services
January 21 in Westminster Room

How might we reassess & redefine our spiritual journeys? What can bring us new insight and renewed hope at just such a time? How best can we care for one another?

What Do Our Laws Say?

Betsey Wildhack, Esq.
January 28 in Westminster Room

At WPC for the first time, Betsey will share her wisdom and extensive understanding of “elder law.” The maze of navigating legal, financial and practical questions for every decade can be overwhelming. This dynamic, interactive workshop (Q&A) is designed for all adults and for those with aging parents and allows plenty of opportunity for questions!

The Dynamics of Marriage or Shared Living

Rev. Dr. Frank Wade
February 4 & 11 in Westminster Room

Dr. Wade returns to WPC to advocate living life in company and the work it takes to be in loving relationships. Returning from his popular class last fall, Dr. Wade will talk about what actually happens in marriage, about the ingredients of living in loving relationships, and offer us some family life lessons & learnings on how we might live differently.

Islam and Protestantism

Matthew Taylor, Reformed Institute
Ph.D. in Theological/Religious Studies from Georgetown
February 11, 18 & 25 in Haverkamp Room

Does Islam need a Reformation? How do we build bridges between Reformed Christians and Muslims? Where might we be called to fuller faith & service to this end?

Text, Pretext, Context

March 4, 11 & 18 in Haverkamp Room
Rev. Dr. Larry Hayward & Rabbi Jack Moline

Rev. Hayward & Rabbi Moline will use various Biblical texts to draw lessons for us. Once again, as only “Larry & Jack” can, they’ll share their biblical and theological wisdom from years of study, pastoring and leading congregations. Be ready for humor, wit, and engagement as we examine together the texts, the pretexts, and the contexts of the Bible.

Talking to Kids of Color

Julie F. Wadler, Owner, Epiphany Productions
April 8 & 15 in Haverkamp Room

Julie has a reputation for building dynamic partnerships. But her experience raising children of color in our society gives her a unique perspective on how to start a dialogue about race in this country. Julie adopted two daughters from Ethiopia. How do we raise more socially & faith conscious children? Expand your mindset to understand how bias informs your decisions. Gain insight on how to start the much-needed conversation about race with your children and yourself.


The Nuts and Bolts of a Healthy Diet

Sally Fallon Morell, M.A., President of the Weston A. Price Foundation
April 15 in Westminster Room

The author of the best-selling “Nourishing Traditions” brings expertise to young mothers and children on the vital factors of one’s diet. Sally has helped change the national conversation about what constitutes a healthy diet. Learn about the dangers of certain foods, as well as what are the nutrient-dense foods. How does your diet effect your growth and the function of your brain?


Manners & Its Relationship to Morality

Karen E. Stohr, Associate Professor, Georgetown; Kennedy Institute of Ethics
April 22 & 29 in Haverkamp Room

Karen has done extensive research on contempt & mockery in our political culture, as well as the moral value of having faith in our fellow human beings. Timely topic for a time such as this. She will talk about the boundaries of civility, ways of expressing political disagreements, and how having faith in our fellow human beings just might transform the political discourse.


Discerning Call to Community

Kathy Harkness, WPC Elder & Adjunct Professor, NVCC Early Childhood & Wellness Program
May 6, 13 & 20 in Haverkamp Room

As Christians, we struggle with ways to listen for God’s call and to act where our faith leads us. This class will consider the challenges of being called and how we can act faithfully and in attentive ways to when, where and how God calls us.