Embracing Transformation

This year’s theme for Sunday mornings will challenge us to embrace the transformations within ourselves, within the church, and within the world at large. What can we learn from those in the past who have gone through similar transformations in their lives? Through embracing our transformations, we can serve God more fully and learn more about our faith and ourselves.

Themes of Change and Transformation in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles
Dr. Katherine Grieb
September 9-October 21

The first disciples of Jesus in the early church were constantly dealing with issues of change and transformation. After all, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead meant that everything they had thought they understood was now to be re-thought in the light of God’s surprising action. They experienced various kinds of change: individual and communal, mind and heart, circumstance and vision or point of view. Sometimes change brought struggle, even conflict; more often, it brought joy and a new appreciation of God’s providential care for them. With Bibles at the ready, we will go boldly with the first disciples of Jesus and also ask what transformation and change looks like in our own discipleship situations.

Dr. Grieb holds a Master of Divinity from VTS, a Ph.D. in Theology from Yale, and a LLM in Canon Law from Cardiff School of Law. She founded the Pauline Soteriology Group at the Society for Biblical Literature and been on the Board of the Journal of Theological Interpretation. She has authored many books and articles on the New Testament, including The Story of Romans and The Word Leaps the Gap.

WPC: Who Are We?

Come hear firsthand who we are here at Westminster through the eyes, ears and hearts of your staff. What do each of them do? How do they do their work? What is their mission? Hear the WPC staff talk about their work at the church and give you a chance to ask questions and offer your thoughts.

Patty Chamberlain, Director of Children’s Ministry
October 28

As the saying goes, “our children are our future.” Be prepared to learn, have fun and perhaps snack with us as Patty shares how Westminster strives to teach children how to grow and transform into good citizens by giving them Biblical knowledge and a strong foundation for their faith. Learn how children are taught through cooking, art, games, and music.

Whitney Fauntleroy, Associate Pastor for Youth & Young Adults
November 4

Adolescence is a time of many transitions. There’s so much happening mentally, emotionally, socially and physically as young people go from sixth grade through senior year of high school. In the midst of all these transitions, Westminster’s youth ministries is committed to allowing youth a space to feel accepted, where they can walk in their Christian faith, and empowered to share God’s love for the world. Come hear about the spiritual needs of Westminster youth and how we respond to those needs.

Dr. Larry Hayward, Pastor & Dr. Ben Hutchens, Director of Music Ministries
November 18

Join Larry & Ben as they share their insights on the interface of worship planning with the worship experience. Each will briefly share their personal views on the theology of worship & there will be plenty of time for questions.

Patrick Hunnicutt, Associate Pastor for Mission & Pastoral Care
November 11

This class will explore the common ground unifying our care within the church and our mission (local, national and international) and how Christ’s encounter with the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15: 21-28) can invite us into a shared transformation of life and service.

Advent Series

Embracing Transformation: Then and Now
Dr. James Muyskens
December 9, 12 & 16

Advent is a time of hope & expectation. We celebrate the miraculous birth of a child whose life, death and resurrection is the anchor of the Christian message. How are we to understand this first century message today as we come to it with very different cultural mores and practices, ethical understanding, scientific knowledge, and philosophical and religious insights? Questions we’ll explore include how to square our current scientific outlook with the Biblical account, how to understand the nature of miracles, and how faith is to be understood in this Post-Truth era.

Formerly the President of Queens College, CUNY, Westminster member Dr. Muyskens holds a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Michigan. He has taught Bioethics and Philosophy of Religion, bringing breadth & depth to his many classes. He has published two books, The Sufficiency of Hope: The Conceptual Foundations of Religion and Moral Problems in Nursing: A Philosophical Investigation.