Dessert and Dialogue: Faith and Public Service

A Conversation with Representative John Lewis & Representative Fred Upton
Moderated by Charlie Cook

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John Lewis, U.S. Representative & Civil Rights Activist, is one of the “Big Six” leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. He was a Freedom Rider, spoke at the 1963 March on Washington, and led the walk that became known as “Bloody Sunday.” John has continued to fight for people’s rights since joining Congress in 1987 and received the Medal of Freedom in 2011.

Fred Upton, U.S. Representative, joined Congress in 1987, and became friends with John through their joint work on the Faith & Politics Institute. John and Fred have known one another over thirty years and have been able to respect their differences and yet learn from each other through humility and respect.

How have these two public servants tried to understand the views and values of people who don’t share their party affiliation? How has their faith informed their public service? How has their work been driven by their belief in something greater than themselves?

This evening was sponsored by Westminster’s Adult Education/Formation Committee. “Dessert & Dialogue” is part of our year-long study of “Towards Fuller Faith & Service.” Particular thanks go to Co-Chairs Anne Ledyard and Judy Curtis, and their team, for putting in place the many details for this program.

Most importantly, we want to thank Hon. John Lewis for his many years of exemplary service and steadfast love of God, as well as to WPC’s own Fred Upton, for his service to country, God and his beloved Michigan.