Proposed Capital Campaign

In October 2022, the Session of Westminster (our governing body) commissioned an Organ Committee to assess the condition and future of our organ, particularly as it relates to worship and music ministry. After several months of study and input from experts, the committee determined that the organ is near the end of its useful life and that attempting to rebuild or refurbish it would be neither feasible nor financially responsible. At their July 2023 meeting, the Session affirmed that finding and charged the Organ Committee to research options for a new organ and appropriate enhancements to the sanctuary to maximize our experience of the spoken word and music.

The sanctuary organ represents music in worship, an important aspect of our church’s life, but replacing it will entail a capital investment of several million dollars. This provides the congregation with both a responsibility and an opportunity to think beyond this specific need and focus on our overall ministry going forward in our neighborhood, region, and world. The Session has focused intently on this process in recent months and are excited to present it to you for feedback and consideration.

Specifically, we invite you and anyone in your household to attend a Focus Group Meeting over the next four weeks. The purpose of these meetings is to give everyone in our congregation an opportunity to hear a vision and hope for our church and the ways strengthening aspects of our plant, property and financial support can help us live into our vision.

Focus Group Meetings

We have scheduled nineteen Focus Groups to meet in the Chapel between September 17 and October 15.  Each group will be led by an elder supported by Wayne Spaulding of James D. Klote & Associates, a financial consulting firm assisting us in our assessment and planning. They will make an approximately twenty-minute presentation followed by a time for you to share your reactions and make suggestions; each meeting should last no longer than an hour. We will also ask you to fill out a brief but important questionnaire.

There is no registration for these meetings—just come to the Chapel at a time that works for you.

Focus Group Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held in the Chapel

9/17 | Sunday | 12:15 PM
9/18 | Monday | 7:30 PM
9/20 | Wednesday | 7:30 PM
9/23 | Saturday | 4:00 PM

9/24 | Sunday | 9:45 AM | 12:15 PM | 6:00 PM
9/25 | Monday | 7:30 PM
9/29 | Friday | 7:30 PM

10/1 | Sunday | 9:45 AM | 12:15 PM
10/2 | Monday | 7:30 PM
10/4 | Wednesday | 7:30 PM

10/8 | Sunday | 12:15 PM
10/9 | Monday | 7:30 PM
10/11 | Wednesday | 7:30 PM
10/12 | Thursday | 10:00 AM

10/15 | Sunday | 9:45 AM | 12:15 PM