Congregational Book Read 2018

“The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul” by Dr. Jay Lombard

Join the congregation to read or listen (it’s a 5-hour audio book!) to this inspiring, insightful and provocative book. Through an exploration of our brains, Dr. Lombard leads you through his discovery of the nature of faith, belief, and hope—and, ultimately, calls us to examine the evidence that points to purpose beyond our biological world.

“This book will awaken new connections in your understanding of the relationship you have between reality, reason, and faith.” Deepak Chopra, MD, New York Times bestselling author of "How to Know God"

In addition to a small group meeting for book discussion in February, participants this year have the great opportunity to hear from the author himself!

Monday, March 12
7:00 PM in Haverkamp Room

Dr. Lombard will be coming to Westminster to give us a firsthand opportunity to ask questions and hear about his work as he shares with us about the intersection of science and spirituality.

Sign up below for a small group discussion! Participants are responsible for obtaining their own copy of the book, which is available in hardcover, ebook, or audiobook from major retailers.

Book Read 2018 Registration

    Meetings will be either at the church or at a participant's home.