Bdecan Scholarships Fall 2018

In December 2018, our Westminster congregation again provided much-needed scholarships to several members of the Dakota Sioux Mdewakan (Spirit Lake People), helping these students pursue their degrees at Cankdeska Cikana (Little Hoop) Community College on their reservation. Westminster has provided these grants since 2016 as part of our national mission outreach to the Bdecan Presbyterian Church on the Spirit Lake reservation in Devils Lake, North Dakota, enabling students to achieve educational goals that also enrich their community. The National Mission Committee would like to introduce you to the seven scholarship awardees that you support.

Adrian, a newcomer to CCCC, is pursuing a degree in Business Administration, with the goal of starting a business on the reservation. He wants to serve as a business mentor and work with tribal members to provide more economic resources on the reservation. 

Loren is in his second year at CCCC and anticipates graduating in Spring 2019 with a degree in Liberal Arts. Loren plans to look for a job on the reservation, where he can use his education “to help benefit [his] tribe.”

Jaylen is also in his second year at CCCC and working on his degree in Liberal Arts. He ultimately wants to be a teacher and work with children. He especially wants to help children avoid so many of today’s dangers, such as hunger, drugs, and violence.

Travis is likewise in his second year at CCCC. Travis was raised by his grandparents as his parents were mostly absent from his childhood. He is pursuing a degree in Business Administration, with the goal of opening his own carpentry business on the reservation to support himself and his son.

Lisa, another second year student at CCCC, is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Once she completes her degree at CCCC, she plans to pursue a degree at Mayville State University and return to the reservation to work for her tribe. She wants to start a youth business leaders group and also mentor youth. 

Julian, in his second year at CCCC, is pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts and plans to pursue further education in the medical laboratory sciences field. Ultimately, he would like to open a medical clinic on the reservation.

Shaun, in her first year at CCCC, is a single mother of five children. She is pursuing a degree in Early Education. She plans to become a teacher on the reservation. She wants to be a role model to her own children and to those that she teaches.

Each of the recipients is working very hard to improve their lives and their community. We are proud of their efforts and grateful for the support our congregation provides them!