Adult Education

Do you want to grow in your understanding of the foundational and significant elements of your faith? Do you want to challenge yourself and your faith with new questions and new thinking? Come with us as we explore biblical study, spiritual formation, current events, and health and wholeness in our Adult Formation classes.

For more information, contact Amey Upton, Director.

Old and New Testament Classes

September 2019-April 2020

Sunday mornings: New Testament
Wednesday mornings: Old Testament

Pastor Larry Hayward leads these in-depth courses focused on reading the Bible. In the class, you will read the entire Testament, learning the basic content of the book and exploring the text in detail. Together with the class, you’ll reflect on how those texts and the Bible as a whole impact our faith and life. Learn what it means to say the Bible has “authority,” is “inspired,” is the “word of God,” and is the “unique and authoritative witness to Christ.”

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Mental Health Speaker Forum

Psychologist Christine A. Thayer, PhD

Sunday, July 21, 11:15 AM–12:30 PM in Haverkamp Room
Open to all, this forum will offer tips on coping skills & self-care for those dealing with mental health challenges – either your own, or those of family members & friends. Dr. Thayer brings expertise in many areas of mental health including depression, anxiety, stress management, perfectionism, OCD, and other illnesses. This forum is part of the Adult Formation team’s initiative to provide periodic educational opportunities on mental health issues.

Embracing Transformation

Sunday Morning Adult Formation 2018-2019

Last year’s theme for Sunday mornings challenged us to embrace the transformations within ourselves, within the church, and within the world at large. What can we learn from those in the past who have gone through similar transformations in their lives? Through embracing our transformations, we can serve God more fully and learn more about our faith and ourselves.

Recordings of our Embracing Transformation series are available on the WPC adult ed podcast! Click below to listen.

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Join the Adult Formation Team!

It takes a vital community to plan our Adult Formation classes and programs. The Adult Formation team explores many options and together we choose topics, formats, and programs that challenge us to question and explore our faith and to grow in the love of Christ. Many hands are required to continue our high quality adult education. I invite you to join us in planning and brainstorming! Call or email Amey Upton to see how you might be able to help.

Reformed Institute Programs

The Reformed Institute was created in 2003 to address a growing need among Presbyterian churches in the Washington DC area to celebrate, support and enhance understanding of the Reformed (Presbyterian) heritage. AS a member church, Westminster and our members often participate in Reformed Institute programs and events. For more information, please visit or contact Mary Hill, Program Coordinator for the Reformed Institute, at [email protected].

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